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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jonker's Walk Melaka / Melacca

Melaka was ruled by Portugese, Holland and then England. So after Malaysia gained independence, Melaka is left with mysterous colours of mixed cultures. All these mixed cultures can be seen in Jonker Walk today. Lots of food and I like the Durian cendol and asam laksa best!

VISITJonker walk is a street made up by rows of shophouses known as the 'red house'. Why 'red house'? Personally, I think it's because they are all painted in red!

During the day, Jonker Walk is just a normal street with shops doing business but at night,'ta daa' ! One can get almost everything in this street!

I especially like this shop named JUMBO ART. It has all the strange and fun things and beautiful beautiful stuffs!

One can find a toilet in this beautifully decorated park. This park was built last year and it is a huge convenient for everyone who visits there. I am not sure if one has to pay though~
The inside view of the park.
Children too enjoy themselves there..
Occasionally, you get to watch a free performance . I was a lucky one!
Go to take a stroll along the riverside ( sort of a big drain) after walking and all the EATINGS in Jonker Walk.
Beautiful eh!


  1. miss all the food there !!!! this is a perfect place to go during weekends!!! Let's go again please!


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