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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My One-eyed Dog - the love of my life

 I have always had dogs as a pet as far as I can remember. They are loyal and listen to you all the time. The picture above is my beloved dog and he is 9 years old. We named it Whiskey and why Whiskey? When he was very young, we had to smuggle him from somewhere and we 'comatise' him with Whiskey and hence the name. He is a very gentle dog and I bet there aren't any gentler dog than him.

Now all of you must be wondering why he is left with only one of the important sight organ. I remember that happened in 2009. I was in NZ and I left my precious with a friend who had a few other dogs which lived in a big cage. I didn't realise that this breed of dogs ' SHIH TZU ' can't be left outdoor with other dogs and suddenly one night, she called up and said Whiskey's eye popped out!! I was in tears and I immediately asked her to send him to the vet's. 'It has to be taken out' was all the vet said. What made me angry was the vet asked me to put him to sleep because he would be a disable dog! How can one be a vet be so cruel? Anyway, I learnt my lesson and I won't leave him to anyone else. Shih Tzu has very delicate and dry eyes so they have to be looked after carefully.

About two weeks ago, I went on holidays again and left him at home at the garage. When I got home the next day, his only eye was very red and looked swollen. ( I regret of not taking a picture of it to show you ) It looked like it was going to pop out! I was so scared and quickly took it to the vet's who is kinder. She found that he had caught the common infection of the Shih Tzu's eyes which is known as 'Cherry Eye Disease'. Apparently many Shih Tzus lost their eyesight because of it. That's not the worst thing, she found some maggots in its eyes! Yucks! I don't know why my baby needs to go through this but what needed to be done had to be done so they lightly sedated him and extracted the maggots out ( altogether an amazing 9 sleezy little maggots ).

Well, I now look after him very carefully, applying artificial tears to his eye once every two hours ( not when I was asleep though ) hehehe.. so whoever that is reading this, pls pls be very careful while taking care of a Shih Tzu. It requires a lot of love and time and most importantly, do not abandon your dog if you do not decide to love it for however they might turn into one day!

These are the offsprings of my Whiskey. Arent't they cute?

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