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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth is a tooth that grow naturally despite no usage from it. These teeth usually appear between the ages of 17-25 and mine appeared when I was 22 in year 2005.

One day i had a very sharp pain on the end of my lower right jaw and after a few days it was swollen. I looked bad and some thought i was punched on the face! Another few days went by and I have abscess at the end of my gum and it went away pretty soon but left me with a loose bit of gum. It was annoying as all the food I ate would enter the hole caused by the abscess. Well, I ignored it and thought it was nothing as I was not educated enough on what wisdom tooth can do so I never went to the dentist. I was stupid because I endured it for more than 5 years before I finally had pain at around my jaw area.
I went to a few dentists but not specialists and had a not so good X-ray as below..

Found out that I had a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth that's pressing on my nerve. This doctor advised me not to have it taken out as it might cause damage to my nerve and best to leave it as a sleeping dog. Seriously, scared me to death. But I couldn't bear the jotting pain so I went to another specialist recommended by my local dentist whose son had an operation removing the impacted wisdom tooth too. So I went. The surgery is in Mid valley city and Dr Ling Khoon Chin was very good in explanation but he would only talk to me after taking a proper X-ray. So the conclusion was I had a very deep buried horizontal tooth. Well, I have 3 impacted wisdom teeth. He crossed all the 3 impacted out and the one which was causing problem was the one on the left as it was pressing on my nerve. He explained to me that he had to take it out in 3 parts and another tooth as whole on the top. I was pretty happy with his explanation and he assured me that the worst would happen was I would get temporary numbess on the tongue and bottom jaw (not permanent as some said) so I went ahead with the appointment to have the 2 teeth out. Time passes so fast and it was the day for my operation , i wasn't nervous at all because he made me feel so comfortable. The nurses were of great help. He injected me with Dental IV sedation and soon after I couldn't feel a thing. Heard some voices but in a blink, 2hours operation is done only later to find out that he had injected me with 10 shots of local anesthesia and 10 stitches to end it. It took me about 3 weeks before the the wound healed and I am glad that I actually did it.I mentioned about having it out in 3 parts but in the end it was buried too deep so he had to have it out in 6 parts. I must be good in providing this tooth with calcium as it was so healthy. No decay

Look at the end of my wisdom tooth! It has a sharp hook and I don't want this bastard in me!

The top wisdom tooth came with a complimentary hook too but not as noticable as the previous one. Dont hesitate to heve your useless wisdom tooth out if you are having problem with it.


  1. all 4 of mine are off too. it was a grueling experience of cos.

  2. Yeah, it's quite rough and grueling. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of pain and pressure to the other teeth. When that's the case, it's best to get it taken out to avoid trouble with the other teeth.

    Vernell Leider

  3. I know and that's why I had them removed after so many years... bad experience though with those useless teeth

  4. May i know how much they charged for the wisdom teeth removal? Thanks.

  5. I know how painful the wisdom pain is, and I had recent got my wisdom tooth extraction from the dental clinic in India. I was looking at some reviews shared by the patients on this particular clinic I was very sure I will get satisfactory result.


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