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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gua Angin (Wind Cave) in Bau , Sarawak

Gua Angin ( also known as Wind Cave or cave of the wind ) is situated about 45minutes from Kuching town centre. It is also very near to Fairy cave and Sarikei (Sarawak-Indonesian market) It's in a town called Bau and it is a very popular and famous tourist attraction in Sarawak. I think it receives its name from the draught of air which passes through the passage.
To get to the cave, one have to pay RM3 as entrance fees. Well, and another RM3 for renting a torchlight. So the advice is that those who want to visit Sarawak and exploring its cave, please bring along a torchlight! There will be a bit of walking but it's acceptable. Not advisable to wear heels. Sandals, slippers and trainers are ok.

There are 3 entrances to the cave. There are maps all over and it is very well maintained making the walking enjoyable. But it is very very dark inside the cave so be very careful when you walk.

The wooden passage is very strong and it's totally out of my expectation as they only collect RM3!
The look from inside one of the entrance. Rubbish bins are provided all over the cave.
This is called the light from the sky. The light penetrates through a small hole of the cave. It's very dark inside but this picture is taken with a flash.
The major features of the cave include the stalagmites and stalactites, and pillars which form when these two join together. These are all common calcite formations. The minor features include floor cavities, pendants and current scallops. The limestone of the cave is pale grey or blue in colour and is fine-grained. Deposits of clay as well as thin layers of guano or rock phosphate are found throughout the cave.

Birdnest in one of the bats' hole. Bloody red in colour and makes me wonder why?
Stream erosion is evident by the smooth horizontal grooves in the floor and scalloped walls of the passages. These current scallops have a honeycomb appearance and indicate the direction of the flow of water.

And lastly, lots and lots of bats prepared for a great adventure!!

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  1. Malaysia-indonesia market was at serikin.. not sarikei..


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