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Monday, October 17, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Elephanta Island ( Gharapuri Island )

Day 2 - Elephanta Island ( Gharapuri Island )
This island is easily accessible by boats or ferries and it takes approximately an hour each way to go to the island. It is closed every Monday and the ticket for a round trip cost about Rs130 but be very careful as the ticket booth opens daily and they will still sell you the ticket without informing that the island is closed.
Upon entering the Gateway of India, we had to go through a strict security check after the bombings 2 weeks prior to our trip.There were 2 lanes to separate the males and females.

Gateway of India ( was actually not allowed to take photos but many people were taking so... )

The beautiful 5 star Taj Mahal Hotel and the Gateway of India.

The weather was not so friendly when we were approaching the island and started to rain cats and dogs soon after. Got on this train for Rs5 to save walking 2km in the rain.

All got drenched and still had to climb 120 wet, slippery, steep steps to get to the caves entrance. Pay Rs250 to get into the caves. A piece of advice : Do not travel during August ( rainy season ).

Even it was raining, photography still in progress.
The inside of the main cave. Wonder how people ages ago hand-carved them.. scratching my head.

I have forgotten what it's called but apparently it will bring lucks to whoever that go around it for 5 times. I did and I shall see what happens.. :)

Welcome to the world of Shivas ( Hindu deity / destroyer god ) !
The remaining of the sculptures are not in too good condition so if pls visit soon.
The best of all ( three faced GOD )

This is the dancing / performance stage for the King.
Monkeys can be seen everywhere.

Many of this little cute creature were seen everywhere after the rain. Beware of them though as they might cause allergy.The jetty view from the top of the caves. We had made it this far...( walking and climbing )
On the way back , bye bye to the UNESCO World Heritage.
Our ferry back. Hello to the Arabian Sea.


  1. Still cant forget how we are drench from head to top ! Nevertheless the story of the caves are very interesting !!!

    p/s: We r the blue man on the group pic.. HAHA

  2. That's because we were standing under the blue cover...remember how an Indian lady posed and asked you to take photos with her and to only pay her Rs10...


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