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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunset view : Straits of Melaka / Melacca

Beautiful Sunset

I have always wanted to see sunset in my own beloved country. It was a bit of disappointment at first. Firstly, I went to the most memorable place of my heart which is the 'Lover's Bridge' translated from 情人桥. But it is not what it has changed completely from a mere simple bridge to a row of commercial shops.

For those who like night life, clubs and bars...this is the place to visit. The Mahkota Resort is within walking distance and offers a good view of Melaka Straits.

The view from the bridge.
After a face-lift, my old 'Lover Bridge' is now so commercialized~

Was a bit of a disappointment at first as it was so cloudy...

Look at this! Perseverance pays! This picture is a courtesy of my dear friend Goh! Thanks friend!


  1. I like the last picture.. Goh got the skills!!! Ya a bit sad that our secret Lover's bridge is so commercialised right not!!!

  2. It was a bit of disappointment when we got there..sad sad~


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