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Sunday, July 29, 2012

ATV Adventure Ride with Tourism Selangor

 This would be my third trip with Tourism Selangor and this time our destination is Kampung Kemensah for the fun ATV Adventure Offroad Ride. This ATV Adventure Park is the largest in Malaysia offering various jungle trails for all the outdoor enthusiasts. Kampung Kemensah is very easy to be found. It is just located behind Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur. We arrived there at 10.45am and it was already quite warm but it definitely didn't put us off from having fun.

 We had to park quite a distance away from the entrance as the car park was already full. Well, a little walk kick-started our metabolism.
 Spotted a beautiful 'graffiti' on a big rock and I already felt overwhelmed and excited.
 Upon riding the ATV Bikes, we were given some briefings on the dos and don'ts and also how to handle the big 'guys'. Looks simple but not exactly simple. Loads to remember... I was very impatient while waiting for the guide to finish explaining. I forgot to mention that we had to sign a letter of consent too.
 I wasn't expecting a big bike but there you go.. this is what we got.
 Bags have to be tied at the front of the bike. Bags are not allowed to be held onto as they might distract us from concentrating in riding the bikes. I was wondering... WHY couldn't I hold my bag?
 This is Calvin whom I just knew from travelling together. Our guide trying to give a hand riding up the steep trail.
 One of the jungle trails which might look very calming and easy. Trust me, this is not what it looks like. I don't know how the pictures turned out to be so kind but in fact, the jungle trails were very CRUEL to me.
 I went to Kampung Kemensah with a few other friends but were spilt due to the difficult climb. Never mind, I made 2 new friends. This one was taken 1/4 into our 2 hour route but I don't know where. A little flat land where we could take a picture.
 Another CRUEL trail.
Nigel , the official photographer for Tourism Selangor was enjoying his ride downhill.
After about one and a half hour ride uphill, we arrived at the Kelang Gate Dam. A beautiful 'lake'. I never forgot to snap a pic of myself there.
My friend Lam took a jumping photo. By looking at this photo, you know how excited he was to be on this trip.
After resting , time to leave. Have you ever seen traffic jam in the jungle? Not always...but I have!
Phew, late lunch at Breadties and been drinking water like a fish.
After lunch, as usual Fazly announced the 6 best photographs taken by the participants. Congratulations to all the winners!

There are 5 packages to choose from in this ATV ride:
A)  Half hour ride in the base training track                          RM50

B)  One and a half hour offroad ride to 7 tiers waterfall.             RM100

C)  Two hours offroad ride to Sofea Jane Waterfall.                    RM150

D)  About three hours ride uphill and downhill to Bukit Tabur
    and Kelang Gate Dam.                                               RM200

E)  A four hour offroad to Bukit Tabur, Dam, Liza river, Dataran Mas,
    Bukit Lalang.This is the ultimate amongst all the above and
    requires confidence and teamwork.                                  RM300

My remarks based on my experience:

I think it's advisable for those faint-hearted to take packages A and B only maybe C. Package D is quite intense and difficult for the first timer as the bike is quite heavy to handle with especially with the hours I had to hold onto the brakes. Not advisable to do it after a heavy downpour as the trails might be very slippery making it more difficult to control the bikes. Don't expect to take a lot of photos because you would be too busy concentrating not to fall down than to take photos.

What to bring :
 1) Mosquito repellent
 2) Cap
 3) Water
 4) Camera
 5) Extra clothing ( there is a bathroom there for showering )
 6) A pair of gloves for palm protection purposes
 7) Towel
 8) Wear trainers
 9) Sunblocks


  1. But you got beautiful photos & nice writeup here!!! Why we never take pics one!

  2. Hahaha... we were not in the same group also... too busy with the bikes till no time to take photos!

  3. A very nice write up ! Finally your blog is more than a hundred words. That's the requirement for sekolah rendah karangan ok ? Kidding... Definitely a nice review !

    1. :) Thanks for jumping otherwise, I would have a thing lesser to write on.

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