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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Ancient King Sidabutar's Tomb - Samosir

Tomok and Lake Toba are  famous locations at North Sumatera and they are both in Samosir Island. This King Sidabutar's Tomb is a very famous tourist attraction and many tourists visiting this place each day.
Lizard and breast carvings can be seen on most of the buildings' planks. I think lizard represents the high adaptability towards life just like the Batak people's ability to live everywhere in any condition. As the breast's carving, I have forgotten what it represents.
Another beautiful and meaningful carving.
These are the tombs made from the carving stone and they have a history of hundreds of years.

This man was our guide and he told us about King Sidabutar and how he upheld the natural sacred values of three principles (Dalihan Natolu) as a general cultural philosophy of the Batak people.
There is a garden just around the corner where the tombs are. Many carvings of little people sitting down can be found there.

It is not that hard to get to the tomb - a stone's away from Tomok Jetty. We past by souvenir shops which are on both sides of the main road before it led us to the entrance of the tomb.

Things are reasonably cheap at the stalls but you need to bargain and try to reduce about 75% of the original price given.

We were provided a sash to wear free of charge as a mark of respect, but were required to return it after the visit.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Masjid Raya Medan

An attraction in Medan which is worth a look - Masjid Raya also known as The Great Mosque.
This is supposingly the largest mosque in Medan but I can't confirm how true is it. I have never seen a mosque with black dome so I was very curious of the history. Apparently, this mosque has a history of more than a century.
 My girlfriends Sharon, myself. Wendy and Jess
Although this mosque looks quite big from the outside but it's not that big in the inside, maybe because of the octagonal shape. It's rather quiet and peaceful so do not make any noise. There were some people praying and I am surprised that we were even allowed to enter! 
Useful tips:
1) Remember to wear pants or skirts which are long enough to cover your knees. I was asked to pay INR5000 for renting a 'sarong' but found out later that the 'sarong' supposed to be FOC.
2) Be careful when you are buying the shaved ice from stalls just outside the mosque. I bought a durian flavoured shaved ice but threw it away as the durian was rotten or it tasted like it.

Pagoda Shwedagon(replica) - Taman Alam Lumbini

 It was a very hot day but this temple caught my eyes. I think it's called the Pagoda Shwedagon and it's also a replica of the real one. I am not sure but I think it's a Burmanese temple. It's suitable for all ages and beautiful to look at.
The inside view of the temple. It has 4 god statues in it. I always pay respect to gods so I just put my hands together and 'say Hello' to them.
 Good carving on the door itself.
 One is allowed to knock on this gigantic bell but only 3 times per try.
 Another good thing about this temple is that visitors do not need to pay for entering the temple and for parking the vehicles outside. Thanks to all the devotees and sponsors. Plenty of spots for taking beautiful snaps.

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