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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Water - The Basics of Every Life

Recently I went to a one day trip with Tourism Selangor and was taught on the importance of conserving water.

There is a general view that we have a lot of water around us in this world as the earth surface is covered with about 70% of water. However, most of the water is found in the oceans and is salty making it unsuitable for the livings consumption and usage. Fresh water makes up only 3% of the total water. Again, out of the 3% of freshwater, only 0.005% is available and usable since most of it is either flowing deep underground or or being locked up in polar ice. So, it's very important for us to realize that our source of freshwater is very limited and not always there for us. It is precious and irreplaceable.

Our most important source of water supply comes from rivers, reservoirs, streams and lakes. We usually use this water in our daily chores and needs such as washing, cooking, and drinking. Without water, many industries won't be able to operate especially agricultural industries. The fresh water swamps also act as important natural reservoirs while the mangrove trees help in preventing salt intrusion into these fresh water sources along our coastal areas. Despite these, the roots of the mangroves also act as nets to trap rubbish brought in during tides. Check it out here for more info.

Pollution as well as loss of parts of the wetlands are threatening our that LITTLE 0.005% of water. Again, high levels of chemicals are added into our water indirectly through the expending agricultural activities. To make the already bad situation worse, the untreated human waste is dumped directly into the water systems such as rivers in many countries. Thus, the quality and quantity of fresh water is further contaminated .

Knowing the facts on the importance and benefits we can gain from our precious wetlands, it is especially essential for us to take extreme conservation measures to preserve these resources for our present and future generations. Lets give a helping hand in making our Earth a better place to live in.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TSDAYOUT - Kuala Selangor

On the 17th March 2012, I was so happy to have the opportunity to visit Kuala Selangor with Tourism Selangor.

Kuala Selangor is an old royal capital of Selangor. Kuala Selangor is the hidden gem of Malaysia and one will fully enjoy themselves there. Our trip with TS was so well-planned that all of us were fascinated with the itineraries.

Firstly, we were brought to Kuala Selangor Nature Park also known as Taman Alam which is a large mangrove sanctuary about 200 hectares in size.It is also a habitat to various types of birds, monkeys, insects, and floras too.
The bloggers and fans of TS listening attentively to the briefing of the 'DOs and DON'Ts'
Entrance fees is RM4 for adult and RM1 for children.
The beautiful pathway.
One of the many beautiful flowers in Taman Alam.
From September to March every year, avid birdwatchers may go birdwatching at this special time as a host of migratory birds stops over before continuing their way.
Observation tower for the wildlife enthusiasts to view the wildlife from a higher point.
The muddy mangrove bed reveals at low tide countless holes in the ground, with plenty of big and tiny crabs scurrying around (including the King Crab).
Colourful fungus, rare!
Okay, we went down the mangrove swamp/forest for 20 minutes during low tide to pick up rubbish brought in by the tides. I didn't know that the mangrove trees act as the 'nets' to trap rubbish.
We successfully collected 116KG of rubbish mainly plastic and polystyrene products.
There are also a fresh water aquarium and an aviary in Taman Alam itself. I was fascinated by the many species of freshwater fish there unlike the aquariums out there with the same 'ol fish.
Bukit Malawati is a historical hill with the lighthouse overlooks the Melacca Strait. To go up the hill, we had to take the colourful train and the driver's skill was good!
It's worth a visit to this museum, it's not very big and there are some interesting and genuine artifacts in it so it's not very time consuming.
A silver leaf monkey was seen grabbing a man's shirt asking for food. So cuteeee!
It was posing nicely for me :D
Further uphill of Bukit Malawati , there is a 200 year old Angsana tree which bleed red sap whenever the bark is cut. It has a very fascinating story/myth behind the bleeding tree. According to the locals, a palace maiden was beheaded on a rock 'Batu Hampar' and her blood was scattered around this hill. Since then, this Angsana tree has been bleeding.
We also visited a pottery factory. I always wondered why a pot would cost so dear to buy. Now I know, all hand made and take a week long from making to sale.

Have you every wondered how people the olden days make pottery ware?
A non-electrical spinning wheel.
A seafood dinner proceeded with great view. YUM!
A complimentary sunset view.
Our final stop was to Kuala Kuantan Firefly Park.
The picture below was taken from Tourism Selangor because my camera was not good enough to capture nice photos of the fireflies. The 'kelip-kelip' on the trees make it the nature's very own illuminated christmas trees. I was glad that I went!
Y B Tuan Dr. Haji Dzulkefly Ahmad was also there to promote Kuala Selangor.
The six winners of the best photographs taken.
Thanks to Tourism Selangor for this awesome trip!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Normal , the Not so Normal and the Mad One!

There are many types of people around this world, some are normal, not so normal and mad.

Definition of a normal person :
from any mental disorder; sane - acts rationally with a NORMAL brain.
No negative thoughts and usually a happy person.

Definition of a not so normal person :
Acts a bit strange with slight disturb in the brain - acts a little strange but sometimes rational.
Sometimes a negative thinker but often ends the day happily.

Definition of a mad person :
A person with an extremely strange behaviour or insane in short - may lead to schizophrenia.
A person with severe depression - need professional care.
A LONELY person - need to stop harassing people and stop self - obsessive , thinking high of himself.

I was very unlucky 'suai' as I knew of a mad, lonely man who thinks highly of himself. He thinks that my life supposed to evolve around him and I wouldn't have a good life if I didn't involve him in my life. For god's sake, I spent only A FEW days showing him around Malaysia and had ONE dinner with my family. We Malaysians show our friendliness this way but he took it the wrong way round and that I should give my all and surrender to him. Sometimes I laugh at his childish and stupid behaviour, he would delete or block me from his phone or other means of contacts when I corrected him from mistakes( I don't mind a bit and best if he stops contacting me ). Thank you very much!

Friday, March 9, 2012

50 Ways To Be A Happier You!

Living in this hectic life means that we are not aware of our own happiness and needs. People nowadays work way too hard and too long to make both end meet. We would set a target but when the target is met, we want more and working becomes a never ending story because there is no satisfaction in whatsoever. Depression comes and haunts you forever and trust me, I had been there. So for a moment, let's think for our own and be selfish for a little while. Pamper yourself once a while, it's not too much right? Here are 50 ways of how I am trying to make myself happy but I think they suit the hardworking and dedicated people like you too :

Have your passion as your career. If you are passionate in your career, you are mixing play with work which make your job much more enjoyable.
Stay healthy - I am trying.
Participate in community events - I am trying also..(hehe)
Stop worrying.
Be thankful and contented.
Count your blessings.
Exercise regularly - I will
Volunteer in charity work.
Provide to those in need - SERIOUSLY ONLY TO THOSE IN NEED!
Forgive yourself.
Set goals - my goal is to travel the world!
Celebrate others' success.
Believe in yourself.
Take criticism as a feedback - I am good in it.
Forget about things you are unable to change and focus your energy on things you can change - It was hard but I did it!
Keep stress level low - eat chocolates and ice cream but not excessively.
Compliment others - I am still trying because I prefer others to praise me.
Sing - Humming in the bathroom or even sing your lungs out in the karaoke.
Be patient - keeps my blood pressure low.
Read jokes - I make jokes too.
Focus on others around you instead of just yourself - don't be selfish.
Have a hobby - lim teh'ing'.
Rest well - I am trying.
Put a smile on others face - It always brighten my day up!
Surround yourself with positive friends - I am so blessed.
Remove friends who are negative from your life.
Learn something new - can be anything.
Have a pet - I have my baby 'whiskey' ( a shih Tzu )
Smile always.
Forgive others who hurt you in the past - more sadness if keep on hating that person.
Do not have high demands for others - a little is ok.
Have an appropriate demand for yourself.
Be near nature - I love mother nature!
Watch comedies or cartoons - It's not childish!
Be yourself - do not care of what others think of you!
Build up your self esteem - don't let anything pull you down.
Be honest to yourself and others - lying puts you in a depressed mode.
Enjoy the present, live life to the fullest - That's me!
Respect others and respect yourself.
Be assertive - I say 'NO' when I don't want to but in a polite way so not to upset others.
Have a religious faith - It helps to keep me in the correct track.
Take lots of photos and keep them in an album - looking at those photos brings back sweet memories even though much of them are in the hard disc or FB.
Take holidays and visit countries you had wished to visit- I am good at this.
Do something new - I visit new cafes though not everyday.
Buy a small present for yourself - I prefer a medium-sized one.
Save money - I am trying as I think I will be happier if I do not need to worry about the lack of money.
Talk more!
Attend motivation classes if there are any - I found them very helpful.

Wish all of you a happier you!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polished and Unpolished Rice

When I was a young girl, I used to listen to stories of how the poor lived their life. They had to walk for miles to go from one place to the other place. The poor had to eat what was not liked by the rich such as unpolished rice. The unpolished rice to the wealthy was inedible it because it was dark in colour, hard to swallow, took a long time to cook and many more other reasons. For the very same reason, the wealthy were always overweight while the poor were always stick thin. People then thought they were undernourished.

Look at this nutritional facts:
UNPOLISHED RICE (Weight: 165g)
Energy: 985KJ
Proteins: 4.3g
Fats: 1.8g
Carbohydrates: 53.0g
Fibre: 2.5g
Calcium: 7mg
Iron: 0.8mg
Vitamin B1: 0.23mg
Vitamin B2: 0.23mg
Vitamin B3: 3.1mg

POLISHED RICE (Weight: 165g)
Energy: 861KJ
Proteins: 3.6g
Fats: 0.5g
Carbohydrates: 48.8g
Fibre: 1.3g
Calcium: 2mg
Iron: 0.3mg
Vitamin B1: 0.02mg
Vitamin B2: 0.02mg
Vitamin B3: 1.3mg

So now in this advanced world, more and more people are swapping their white fine fragrant rice to this dark unpolished rice due to its high level of 'good stuffs'. And again, only the wealthy can afford to consume it due to its high price tag. I do not understand why the less work / effort they put in processing this unpolished rice can be more expensive than the polished rice which obviously need more work?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Friends or Enemy?

Relationships are just like buildings, demolished and then reconstructed / rebuilt. One relationship can fail for many reasons. Sometimes caused by misunderstandings and sometimes by unresolvable conflicts explode between people. But mostly by cheating or deceit. For these and many other reasons, friendships, business partnerships, marriages, and family relationships break apart.

When a significant relationship fails, a part of us dies with it - the heart breaks into pieces and we then start to grieve.

I have an encounter which cost me a more than 20 year friendship for a mere RM2k. I always treasure my relationship be it a friendship or close relationship with the love ones. This particular friend of mine borrowed this sum from me in 2005 and I had never asked for it back because I trusted in her. One day, after a few years , I asked but was rejected and from then on she never wanted to have anything to do with me - not to mention the $$ she owes. Till now, heard nothing from her. We were inseparable, wherever I was, she would be there and vice versa but for a small amount of those smelly notes, everything has changed, she lost me for good.

I am not grieving for what we can still earn but I am grieving for a friendship which was built up with a lot of effort and no amount of money can ever buy my trust back.

So are you an enemy or a friend? To say hello or to turn away when I see you?

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