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Monday, October 17, 2011

Shills Meet Beauty Bloggers

Shills 2nd Anniversary - New Products Launching.

Shills is one of the most renowned skincare and cosmetic brand from Taiwan. It was first introduced to Malaysia by ' Ladies First / 女人我最大 ' and is very popular among Asians and especially Malaysians. Shills, Anosa and Dot Dot are a joined company. Their products are also available at Sa Sa, Shins, Yokoso Shiyuki and selected pharmacies in Northern and Southern part of Malaysia.
This new products launching was held at Berjaya Times Square and being introduced to all the bloggers via 'Shills Meet the Beauty Bloggers' event.

These are the few products introduced - From the charcoal range :SHILLS Deep Sebum Softener , SHILLS Purifying Peel-off Black Mask, SHILLS Clarifying Toner Pore Minimizera nd SHILLS Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask.

So far these new products caught my eyes more than anything else apart from the glittering packagings. :) It's nothing more than the new DNA Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Series. The whole series includes SHILLS Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Essence, Eye Treatment, Recovery Cream, BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ and the Anti -UV Two Way Cake SPF50 PA+++.

Among all these, I love the this Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Essence.
Price : RM168

Use it for :
1) Improve skin texture. Reduce appearance of fine lines.

2) Effectively enhance skin elasticity , enhance nourishment of skin,maintain long-lasting skin hydrating level.
3) Correct dull complexion of skin, skin awakes with pure white luminosity.

Recommendation :
The golden time of skin repairing is at night. Application of this
DNA series at night could achieve the best result as it will repair the accumulated aggression during the day. It will improve fine lines and skin dullness too.

This DNA essence was applied 2 days ago onto half side of apples and still looked so fresh and not oxidized yet! This is why I like it..I think my skin will look fresh too and beautiful too if I use this!

Another great product : SHILLS -5'C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray
Price : RM69 / 250ml

Use it for :
1) Cooling of skin , effectively decrease skin temperature and tighten pores.
2) Improve moisture balance with the contents which are full of minerals.
3) Oil control and maintain perfect make up, keep fresh whole day.
4) Help hydrate the dry skin effectively with plants extract.

Ingredients :
Hyluronic Acid, Silk extract Arnica extract and Grape Seed extract.

Usage :
Shake well before use. Best spray on a cotton the apply whole face with
pressing mode as it turns into ice on cotton. Or you can spray on whole
body directly.

SHILLS 3M Bubble Body Scrub
Price : RM79 / 250ml

1) The super fine bubble texture makes the bubbles easier to go into pores and brings out excess oil and impurities.
2) The papaya and pumpkin enzyme help in melting our dead skin cells in gentle way.
3) The Hamamelis extract is anti oxidant and anti inflaming.

Specially used on knees, elbows and other rough or black body skin and can gently dissolve the dead skin

I tried it on my arm and ta daaa... I think I must be quite dirty~ Cool sensation after using and looks fairer too.
Usage :
Remember to shake well before spraying to make it into foam. Discharge only appropriate amount, massage in a circular motion until it's semi-dry. Then, wipe it off with tissue or towel.

Thanks to SHILLS, we are happier women!

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  1. I like DNA Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Series too !! The result of the apple looked promising!


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