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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Experience New Delhi

Day 3 - Full of Surprise ( Bad & Good ) Day in New Delhi.
SpiceJet was the second low cost airline in India and I think it's named Spice because India is famous for its spices. I don't think it's as low cost at all as it cost us RM400+ to fly from Mumbai to New Delhi which is only about 2 hours flight. Sigh, maybe we booked it too near to the dates.

Do not always trust the hotel booking's website when they say they are providing pick ups from the airport. We waited two hours for the hotel's boy ( he was illiterate and couldn't understand or speak to us ) to arrange transport for us but we ended up getting the transport ourselves and he even asked for tips for doing nothing. Well, we were paid back our fare when we complained to the hotel owner. What a waste of time really.


Unbelievable and shocked when we saw the whereabouts and condition of this VISA Guesthouse on Pahar Ganj. It was totally the different picture which we saw when booking it. I am so sorry but I will not go back to this guesthouse again though it's quite cheap!

It looked OK and spacious but seriously, the sheets were so dirty and everything was dusty. A bit creepy at nights too. Do not travel out alone at night; no lights around this guesthouse.

Main Qutab Road. Very busy and lots of other hotels.

Went to a decent supermarket but have a proper look at their vegetables..


Guess the taste, only available in India~

After travelling for the whole day, we were starving but there were nowhere decent to eat. It was quite interesting just looking around though..

Bikaner Sweets Corner. Colourful sweets.

After walking for a couple of hours, we found a BAR eventually and thank god, we were saved! Starving and thirsty..

The inside look of the bar..

The first thing we ordered was the locally made Kingfisher beer. Kingfisher is also an airlines in India. Taste a bit salty but nice~



  1. Hahaha... guess the taste, i should buy and try... !!!!

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog elli! :)

    new delhi, such a wonderful experience!


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