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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tourism Selangor - Pulau Ketam

Thank you Tourism Selangor for taking us to Pulau Ketam for a day trip. This is how it went.
The boat ticket to Pulau Ketam cost RM7. Nice air-conditioned boat.
The journey only took about 25 minutes and it was a pleasant ride. It's easy to get there. Take KTM to Klang and the port is right opposite the station.
Juli, Jess, me and Sharon.
The first view of Pulau Ketam.
These 'crawling fish' are seen everywhere when the tides are low.
There are 3 modes of transportation available on this island - by foot, by bicycle , by small moppet.
I chose bicycle of course but some others preferred to walk as they could see the surrounding clearer. It cost RM5 per bike per day.
The locals make a living by selling local products to the tourists who visit the island daily. The 'lollipop' above are known as '麦芽糖' or maltose in English. Taste super nice and SWEET! Available in various flavour too.
We were lucky enough to see some islanders mending fish nets. Most of the locals are fishermen too.
There are a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school on this island. The population here has increased over the year and there are about 6,000+ people who are still living here.
One might not bring enough money when they are out but do not worry as there is bank right in the centre of the island. Well done Maybank!
There are many temples in Pulau Ketam but this one I went to is well known for keeping a big python and a few huge terrapin. I didn't manage to capture the python as it was hiding under the water. The renovation which was going on didn't help either so I just took this. According to the locals, if you are lucky you might be able to see a few number on the shells. I didn't.
Food that you must try. I can't remember the name of this shop but I think it's the only one serving ‘面粉根’.Well, it not Pulau Ketam for nothing. Ketam = Crabs. Now you see?

So yummylicious!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat is a famous place in Mumbai, India. It is well-known for its open air laundromat where all most of the hotels and hospitals send their clothes or blankets to be washed. I think it's the biggest outdoor laundry in the world. It is not an attraction but I think it's worthwhile to go and have a look at this amazing manual 'washing machinary'.
Each of the washers has their own washing pen. India is not a clean country but their clothes are surprisingly white and clean!

Incredible India Adventure - India Gate

After travelling around New Delhi for almost the whole day, we decided to go to our last destination - India Gate Delhi.
Upon reaching, we were so surprised to see a man running across a river! After observing for a while, it's not a river!
Makan jagung lor....According to the locals, they taste good but I did not try. Welcome to tell me the taste if any of you guys have tried.
After coming out from the 'LRT', walk straight and will come to a junction like this. Turn left and you'll the India Gate but it's very very far to walk there. Probably a 2 kilometres walk.
Beautiful night view with beautiful lighting .It looks a lot like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is a memorial of 90,000 soldiers who had sacrificed themselves in order to protect their country. Salute!
An India trip must come with a hand drawing using henna. We thought we had struck a bargain because for a mere Rs15, we got a a draw.
We looked happy but sigh, we got what we paid for. For a mere Rs15, we got a Rs15 worth of quality. As a piece of advice, get your henna drawing from a proper spa shop and you will come out a happy person.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Lotus Temple

This famous Lotus Temple is the Bahai House of Worship and is a prominent attraction in Delhi. It's known as the Lotus Temple due to its flowerlike shape and I have seen it on the newspaper and magazines. It didn't cost us anything to get in there and it's a place for all the religion around the world to gather and say their prayers. This religion believes that there is only one God in this world.

This was right at the entrance of the Lotus Temple.
Before entering, we have to take off our shoes. According to wikipedia, an average of 9 visitors visit this temple every minute.
A long distance and plenty of steps to get to the actual temple. It is huge!
At last we got there. Upon entering the holy place, we were given a briefing on what to do and not to do. We are not supposed to talk there as it's a place for people to say their prayers and to find peace there. So quiet that we heard every footstep.
The picture of the roof from the inside.
There are also2 pools just outside the holy place. It's so relaxing.
Well, salute to the another grand design in India!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been 3 years....

A near perfect photo of my beloved family but minus my mum and brother. This was taken at Kukup, JB in 2007 and I miss the happy time so much.
I still remember coming back home one day after school and was shocked to know that you had gone blind in one eye. Diabetes was the cause to it but you ignored it for a long time and it caused you more problems liked kidney failure, Hypertension, high cholesterol, heart problem which required a pacemaker and skin problem. Your best quote which I will not forget for the rest of my life ' If in doubt, don't do it' has influenced me a lot. Since you went, I think of you a lot.
In a blink of an eye, time passes so quickly and it has been 3 years since you left me, DAD. I remember every single word you said to me and thank you so much for bringing me up.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth is a tooth that grow naturally despite no usage from it. These teeth usually appear between the ages of 17-25 and mine appeared when I was 22 in year 2005.

One day i had a very sharp pain on the end of my lower right jaw and after a few days it was swollen. I looked bad and some thought i was punched on the face! Another few days went by and I have abscess at the end of my gum and it went away pretty soon but left me with a loose bit of gum. It was annoying as all the food I ate would enter the hole caused by the abscess. Well, I ignored it and thought it was nothing as I was not educated enough on what wisdom tooth can do so I never went to the dentist. I was stupid because I endured it for more than 5 years before I finally had pain at around my jaw area.
I went to a few dentists but not specialists and had a not so good X-ray as below..

Found out that I had a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth that's pressing on my nerve. This doctor advised me not to have it taken out as it might cause damage to my nerve and best to leave it as a sleeping dog. Seriously, scared me to death. But I couldn't bear the jotting pain so I went to another specialist recommended by my local dentist whose son had an operation removing the impacted wisdom tooth too. So I went. The surgery is in Mid valley city and Dr Ling Khoon Chin was very good in explanation but he would only talk to me after taking a proper X-ray. So the conclusion was I had a very deep buried horizontal tooth. Well, I have 3 impacted wisdom teeth. He crossed all the 3 impacted out and the one which was causing problem was the one on the left as it was pressing on my nerve. He explained to me that he had to take it out in 3 parts and another tooth as whole on the top. I was pretty happy with his explanation and he assured me that the worst would happen was I would get temporary numbess on the tongue and bottom jaw (not permanent as some said) so I went ahead with the appointment to have the 2 teeth out. Time passes so fast and it was the day for my operation , i wasn't nervous at all because he made me feel so comfortable. The nurses were of great help. He injected me with Dental IV sedation and soon after I couldn't feel a thing. Heard some voices but in a blink, 2hours operation is done only later to find out that he had injected me with 10 shots of local anesthesia and 10 stitches to end it. It took me about 3 weeks before the the wound healed and I am glad that I actually did it.I mentioned about having it out in 3 parts but in the end it was buried too deep so he had to have it out in 6 parts. I must be good in providing this tooth with calcium as it was so healthy. No decay

Look at the end of my wisdom tooth! It has a sharp hook and I don't want this bastard in me!

The top wisdom tooth came with a complimentary hook too but not as noticable as the previous one. Dont hesitate to heve your useless wisdom tooth out if you are having problem with it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 80's Babies

I am an 80's Baby!

80's babies in my point of view are those who were born in 1980-1985 and these babies rocked! Don't you wish to go back to the period in your life when nothing else mattered except catching the next episode of Thundercats, Care-Bears, He-man, Ultraman, Donald ducks, She-Ra and so many more! The cartoons then were the best and full of education. We all enjoyed watching movies like Back to the Future, Gremlins, Rambos, the Neverending Story, Indiana Jones, Star Wars ,ET...

PAC MAN was a very famous and I bet all the eighties babies must have played it before. I considered myself to be very lucky whenever I had the chance to touch a TV game. Games were very expensive then and most of us played outdoor. We would go to the school early to play jumping joined-elastic bands, ke-tintin, batu seremban and to climb trees for the boys. In the evening, we would put on the trainers, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then went cycling or jogging. How often do you see children doing these nowadays? We didn't need to spend most of our time doing the neverending homework, bringing a log to school nor competing who got the best result academically.

I am so PROUD when I know that being the 80's babies, we have so many first times and last times with gadgets and experiences. We are the last generation to record or listen to the Spice Girls in cassettes, watched movies with laser disc, danced around with our 'precious' walkman, playing badminton on the road and climbing up trees to pluck fruits. No make ups, walked everywhere and paid only twenty cents for a bowl of noodles plus the last to see a RM1000 note! Lastly, the introduction of Apple technologies, Compact Discs, Laptops (netbook), mobile phones, Playstation and the low cost airlines so that everyone can fly! Whao, I am so proud to be born in 1983!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Taj Mahal

The Symbol of Eternal Love

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest seven wonders in the world situated in Agra. It is actually a white marble mausoleum ( a large stoned tomb ) and many mistaken it for a palace. It was built by Shah Jahan in remembrance of his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died during the birth of their child. She was known for her kindness, generosity , compassion and as one of the most beautiful woman in India. It took 22 years and more than 20,000 workers to finish it.
It cost us Rs750 to purchase the ticket but it only cost the locals Rs10 to enter. Anyway, it was worth it.
Main entrance .
Second entrance before the magnificent building.
A peep of Taj mahal.
A close shot.
The big white marble wall.
The garden.
Entrance to the tomb
Interior of Taj Mahal, the tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.
Jail screen surrounding the cenotaphs. Delicate pierce work.
Fine white marble inlaid with semi precious stone. Full of love.
Beautifully hand carved, plant motifs.
and jumping
Taj Mahal changes colour. Look at the photo here and below. Notice the changes in colour . It's white here.
A bit golden yellow
Pink now.
It is white marble and semi-precious stones on the dome of the Taj that make Taj Mahal change colour during the day and on moonlit nights.
It is so beautiful and I will never forget it and it's worth it by just sitting down, enjoying every moment looking/admiring it.

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