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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bekok Dam , Segamat

Located in the mid-western part of Johor state is the Bekok Dam. It is located about 6km off the Yong Peng-Segamat road.

WARNING! Catching fish using tuba, poison, electric shocks, EXPLOSIVES and unlicensed equipments will destroy the fish source...Hahaha explosives!

I didn't get to see a dam but I saw a big reservoir, it looks more of an enormous lake with no ending. Relaxing and didn't mind to jump in for a swim if I knew how to swim.
But I guess, I might get eaten by the varieties of fish in there if I had jumped in!

Nice place for photoshooting too! Jessying rite?


  1. OMG why is picture is here !!!! Anyway I hope the government will take more initiative in revamping the places ... and then this place will be worth a visit !

  2. It's so true and it's such a waste not to make it a tourist attraction for picnickers and etc...


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