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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review : Miacare CONFIDENCE Silicone Hydrogel Color Daily Soft Contact Lens

                   World's 1st Siilicone Hydrogel Circle Contact Lenses 6 Times More  Oxygen for Eye Comfort that Truly Lasts

 It must have been more than 15 years ago since I first tried wearing contact lenses. My first impression was that contact lenses were so COOL! Then the coloured lenses came to market but my first coloured contact lenses were very thick and uncomfortable. However after trying Miacare, i changed my mind.

First, thank you BenQ Materials, a leading optical materials manufacturer in Taiwan for supplying these lenses.

 There are 2 colours available ( BLACK & BROWN )

 * A Healthy Oxygen Supply for Healthy Eyes Long-Lasting Beauty Throughout the Day
 The exclusive Dot Matrix Color Printing Technology offers a revolutionary breakthrough in lens design that allows for the most oxygen to reach the cornea, extending the wearing time. Also, the colors of miacare CONFiDENCE gives us the most natural look for Asian eyes.
 Beautiful packaging

* Innovative EautraSilTM Hydrophilic Silicone Technology 1 st Solvent-free Silicone Hydrogel Lens with 6 Times More Oxygen
Conventional silicone hydrogel lenses are hydrophobic and require the use of solvents to combine silicone with hydrogel. To raise the standard of lens wear safety, miacare incorporates its world-leading EautraSilTM Hydrophilic Silicone Technology to modify silicone molecules with new hydrophilic properties so that the silicone and hydrogel can be combined without solvent treatment. This results in the world's first solvent-free formula for silicone hydrogel lenses: no irritation, no allergic

* Dot Matrix Color Printing Technology  for Beauty and Breathability
The unique dot pattern design is tailor-made for Asian eyes – a naturally beautiful look with plenty of room for oxygen passage. The outer pattern with a diameter of 13.2mm and a large un-obscured optical area brings out the natural beauty of the eye that as high as 88%3. of miacare CONFiDENCE users find satisfying.
* The Unique Color Blocking Technology for Total Fade Resistance
The tri-layer printing technique keeps the pigmented layer in the center and isolated from the eye – ensuring the highest safety and protection for your eyes.

* Smart Peripheral Edge Design for Lens Centration
Automatic conjunctiva curve alignment with an asymmetric edge design effectively brings tears and oxygen to the surface of the eye, assuring adequate tear exchange for improved surface wettability, reduced irritation and extra comfort. What’s more, the lenses will stay precisely where they are naturally, unaffected by eye movements, for a consistent, flawless look.

* Double Moisturizing Agents: Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Alginate
This unique formula is exclusively developed by miacare to moisturize and revitalize your eyes for better eye health.
* pH 7.2 Solution: Gentle and Non-Irritating
miacare contact lenses are packaged in a gentle, non-irritating pH 7.2 solution similar to tears to maintain the natural, healthy state of the eye.

* UV Blocking: Say No to Harmful UV Radiation
miacare has added UV protection to block off harmful UV rays, effectively protecting your eyes from retinal damage.

 OK let me tell you how I feel after trying them for some time:

# It took me a few attempts on the first day to put them on because the lenses kept folding. It might be my skill problem because I haven't been wearing contact lenses for a period of time.
# After that, I could hardly feel their existence. They are so soft and comfortable.
# However, I had to take them out after 5 hours because I could feel the edges when I blinked or looked to the sides.
# I would recommend Miacare contact lenses to others.

I would like to suggest that Miacare to produce more colour choices.

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