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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The land where Sex and Drug are legal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. It is also the only country in the world where drugs (cannabis ) and sex career are legal.
The only really good thing about Amsterdam is that you rarely see people driving in the city! Everyone loves their bikes and they go working,
dating, outing on their bikes!

Buildings in Amsterdam are hilarious. Look at the picture on the top and you'll know what I mean. Almost all of the buildings in the city look like these ones. That's due to the soft ground where the buildings stand and also the result of the many(> 100) canals dug in the middle of the city which cause them to be imbalance.
The other attractions of Amsterdam are the many museums (Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum etc) all within walking distance.
Dam Square in the centre of the city is also one of the attractions. The National monument is sitting right in the middle of the square. It's to pay tribute to the the soldiers who were killed in WWII. Madamme Tussad and the Royal Palace are there too.
The monument of remembrance in the middle of Dam Square.
Well, I supposed everyone knows where this place is. Yes, it is the most famous one in the city! Almost all movies made in Amsterdam are made here.Beautiful ,beautiful place. The buildings here are coffee shops ( selling cannabis ) , bars ( many American Bull Dogs). At the back of these buildings is the Red Light District. Sexy sexy...
Can you see all the red curtains being drawn? The sex workers sleep during the day and most only operate at night. We are not allowed to take pictures of them and they have their own personal security guards.

Reguliersgracht = Regular scratch?

The last place I went was a boat ride. It was a good ride and we got to see many places where you won't be able to see on foot. Not too expensive. It also brought us to see the smallest house in the world. You should too see

Sea Life Centre in Brighton, UK

On this day,I felt really excited as I was going to the sealife centre in Brighton. The top picture is a victorian building standing arrogantly by Brighton beach. Beautiful white building! But on the way there, I couldn't help but to take a few photographs of the breathtaking buildings and scenery....

HILTON HOTEL showing itself right in front of Brighton beach like always! It is also a victorian building. I just love their design so much!

This is another grand hotel around by the beach. Different era and different design. How adorable.
The world's oldest operating aquarium opened in 1872 - Sea Life Centre Brighton. I was very curious of how the people of 140 years ago operate an aquarium this big??? Well, scroll down to find out more.

This is the entrance of the Sea Life Centre. It is so big and I was surprised to see its grand entrance. It's a must when you are visiting Brighton. I can't remember the price of the entrance but anyway, it's worth it for the price you pay!

Sea cucumber ...I didn't know how a sea cucumber looked like before this.
Stingray, very good camouflage ...You don't want to step on one of this when you are on a beach having fun!
To end my day at Brighton, I took a stroll at the beach and right behind of me is the Brighton Pier. Nice sunset and beautiful scenery!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kuching Getaway

Kuching is Sarawak's capital and Sarawak is in East Malaysia ( Some people call it Borneo). It is the cleanest state in Malaysia with beautiful nature and fresh air. The people there are just so friendly, not to mention the sky there is always blue! Do not depend on the public transport as I rarely saw one when I was there. Go and rent a car, it's cheap and I recommend Flexicar.

This is Kuching International Airport. It's very hard for one to spot a piece of rubbish wherever they go. Look at the's 3D..

Look at the road and the park, very clean right?
Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple in Kuching is the oldest temple in Kuching.The temple is the oldest temple in Kuching. It is believed to have been built in 1843, while the official records only recognize its existence in 1876. With presence more than a century, the temple is well maintained. I personally think that it's too colourful for such an old temple. It should be preserved and be its own natural colour. But it's still worth a look.
The Spring Shopping Complex is the biggest shopping complex in Kuching.It's the only decent big shopping complex that one can find there. Going to Kuching is not about shopping but to visit their nature.

Kuching Waterfront is a must visit. It is very beautiful during sunset and the night view is great.
It is very nice to walk along the Waterfront, strolling and just enjoy the peaceful surrounding there.

Above is Medan Tempat Letak Kereta, It looks like a car park from this picture. I wouldn't have entered it if it was not for the two tourist bus parked there. Out of curiosity, we followed the many people up to the roof top. Surprise surprise, a big hawker centre is right at the top full of seafood!
Ta da! The view from the roof top. Savour the many choices of food available there!
Oh, the not to be missed wild vegetables 'Miding' is a must to try. It tastes like 'paku' veg. Beware of the amount of MSG/Maggie cubes they use in their food.

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