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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Be Careful In London!!!!

                      I GOT CONNED IN LONDON!

I have lived in London for a few years before and recently I have made a trip to London. I enjoy every minute when I am here. Just like other tourists, one day I visited all the tourist attractions when I went to London and my final destination was the Big Ben. While walking , I was stopped by the two men in the picture below offering to take a picture with me. I was ecstatic!
 SNAPPED!!! Beautiful picture... After that, they kissed my hand and shook my hand. I was preparing to leave when one of them shook my hand again and showed me his palm. He had a £20 note sticking to his palm and he was asking me to pay him £20!!! WTF!!!
I could not believe my eye when I saw it and well... I didn't pay him that amount but £2 just to SHOO them off.  As we continued our way, we saw more of them all dressed up in different outfits getting people to take pictures with them. I think they target Asians like myself.
 A zoomed in picture and you can see a few of them 'working'. I don't know how many people will fall into this trap like I did but I really hope no more people will be tricked. Be careful guys!

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