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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Be Careful In London!!!!

                      I GOT CONNED IN LONDON!

I have lived in London for a few years before and recently I have made a trip to London. I enjoy every minute when I am here. Just like other tourists, one day I visited all the tourist attractions when I went to London and my final destination was the Big Ben. While walking , I was stopped by the two men in the picture below offering to take a picture with me. I was ecstatic!
 SNAPPED!!! Beautiful picture... After that, they kissed my hand and shook my hand. I was preparing to leave when one of them shook my hand again and showed me his palm. He had a £20 note sticking to his palm and he was asking me to pay him £20!!! WTF!!!
I could not believe my eye when I saw it and well... I didn't pay him that amount but £2 just to SHOO them off.  As we continued our way, we saw more of them all dressed up in different outfits getting people to take pictures with them. I think they target Asians like myself.
 A zoomed in picture and you can see a few of them 'working'. I don't know how many people will fall into this trap like I did but I really hope no more people will be tricked. Be careful guys!


  1. thank u for telling us these scams..

  2. sometimes we just have to live like them, and hide the 'tourist' in ourself.

    1. Sigh... we go on holidays to enjoy but have to hide...

  3. Wow! I've never come across this scam before and I've been to London twice. However, I've only been to Big Ben once though and I didn't come across this group of people.

    There are street performers in a lot of places like Melbourne too, but they never force you to tip even if you take a photo with them. It always should be mandatory, and only if you like their performance.

    I wonder what would happen if you just walked off. I don't think they'll make a fuss, considering the amount of people there. I would have walked off but thanks for the info regarding this nevertheless!


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