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Friday, October 19, 2012

Naughty Nuri's Warung Pork Ribs

Before we left for home, we had to have the famous 'Naughty Nuri's Warung' spare ribs in Ubud. So many people had been talking about it especially Jess. So, we just had to go with her and it was indeed one of the best ribs I have had so far. I remember it's not very near from Kuta beach but it's worth going all the way for the scrumptious ribs. 

The advertisement board which is not to be missed and I must take a picture of it.

It was full of people when we got there and we had to wait for a while to get a seat.

The board for the food and drinks' price lists. They are not very cheap but the this is the average fare in restaurants in Bali so do not be put off. (about RM30 or USD9 per serving of the ribs)

EAT , PAY , LEAVE.. Basically this was not exactly what we did. We 'WAITED , SAT , ORDERED' before 'eat pay leave'.

How can you not have a pig in the kitchen when you are selling pork ribs? Here we found a little piglet figurine welcoming us beside the sink!

The ribs are grilled / barbequed after being marinated in Indonesian sauce.

So, what is so special about these signature ribs? Well, by just looking at it has already made me feel hungry. I thought I couldn't finish the huge serving but I did !! The marinating sauce goes so well with the pork and it is so tender when biting into it that you do not need other sauce to dip in.

What more to say about it? The picture below tells you how delicious it is. Now you see, now you don't! It's so 'FINGERS LICKING GOOD!'
                                     Naughty Nuri's Warung
                                Add : Jalan Raya Sanginggan

                               Opening times: Daily 11am-10pm

                  What to beware:
                  1) There are a few restaurants (warungs) around in UBUD serving ribs too.
                  2) There is a 10% tax on top of the price too.
                  3) Avoid dinner time as it is always packed.
                 4) DO NOT SHARE your ribs with others because you will end up having another  serving.


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