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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Crawford Market

Crawford Market - Sari Hunting

Crawford Market is one of the most famous market in South Mumbai and is situated opposite Mumbai Police Headquarters just north of the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. This market is made up by fruits wholesalers, vegetables wholesalers, varieties of food and poultry (so they sell mainly food) . I heard that it sells illegal animals there too. It is a very busy and crowded place and we were trying our luck here to shop.

Very red and juicy watermelon.

So colourful Kuih-muih

Satay and a lot more food around~~

Well, as our main motive was not food hunting but SARI hunting so we proceeded to the end of the market place where they sell a lot of clothings, cloth, etc. All these colourful cloth caught our eyes..

We ended up in a shop which promised to sell us the sari cheap.And lots of them! I think we bought a piece of the sari on top for Rs250. Not bad right? I supposed that's the cheapest we could get out there!
I kinda like the above piece of sari because it is just so shinny and glittering all over and I knew that I would regret if I didn't try it on even though I didn't plan to buy a black one.

So I politely asked the shopkeeper to nicely demonstrate to me on how to put on a sari. Well, I offered to be a model. It's a lot of procedures and I cannot remember now on the ways to fold and fold the piece of 6 metres shinny cloth.

Firstly, the good looking young man tight a piece of cloth on my waist and started to work his way to create the nice SARI.

Nearly there...

The first pattern and style.

The second pattern.

The third pattern.

And the last was the 'best'...but I didn't like it. Sorry, I refused to buy this one...Instead I bought a red and a purple one as below... But now they just sit in the cupboard and maybe will never see the sun again...

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