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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kampung Benuk Bidayuh Longhouse, Sarawak

This Kampung Benuk Longhouse is just a short drive approximately 20minutes past the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre ( the Orang Utan Centre ). Stay on the same road once you get out of the centre and you do not turn off at all and you will come to Kampung Benuk. There are signs everywhere so do not be afraid.

Before entering the longhouse, one must pay an entrance fee of RM5 to enter the longhouse and wander around it. When I went, there weren't any people around at the visitor centre so I just helped myself in. Top is the entrance to the longhouse.

These are authentic longhouses so it is more realistic to see this than the cultural village.

There are still a few families living here but it's strange to see them watching tv with astro, playing PS ,and blasting their music with Hi-Fi!

The bamboo walk way. Very dependable n strong!

Upclose look of the bamboo path. i couldn't stop wondering how people then could make such strong long house!

This is the view of the village. Very simple n peaceful. Snakes and wild animals definitely won't be able to get up to this high long houses...


  1. Ohh.. i have visited so many longhouses this year.. hahah..cos been travelling to Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching a lot!
    Yes, their architecture is a marvel!

  2. Yeah, I plan to visit Sarawak more..never been to Bintulu and Sibu yet...It's a great place to visit..


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