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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tourism Selangor - Pulau Ketam

Thank you Tourism Selangor for taking us to Pulau Ketam for a day trip. This is how it went.
The boat ticket to Pulau Ketam cost RM7. Nice air-conditioned boat.
The journey only took about 25 minutes and it was a pleasant ride. It's easy to get there. Take KTM to Klang and the port is right opposite the station.
Juli, Jess, me and Sharon.
The first view of Pulau Ketam.
These 'crawling fish' are seen everywhere when the tides are low.
There are 3 modes of transportation available on this island - by foot, by bicycle , by small moppet.
I chose bicycle of course but some others preferred to walk as they could see the surrounding clearer. It cost RM5 per bike per day.
The locals make a living by selling local products to the tourists who visit the island daily. The 'lollipop' above are known as '麦芽糖' or maltose in English. Taste super nice and SWEET! Available in various flavour too.
We were lucky enough to see some islanders mending fish nets. Most of the locals are fishermen too.
There are a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school on this island. The population here has increased over the year and there are about 6,000+ people who are still living here.
One might not bring enough money when they are out but do not worry as there is bank right in the centre of the island. Well done Maybank!
There are many temples in Pulau Ketam but this one I went to is well known for keeping a big python and a few huge terrapin. I didn't manage to capture the python as it was hiding under the water. The renovation which was going on didn't help either so I just took this. According to the locals, if you are lucky you might be able to see a few number on the shells. I didn't.
Food that you must try. I can't remember the name of this shop but I think it's the only one serving ‘面粉根’.Well, it not Pulau Ketam for nothing. Ketam = Crabs. Now you see?

So yummylicious!


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