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Friday, November 11, 2011

Incredible India Adventure -Agra Fort


Agra Fort of course is situated in Agra, 3 hours journey by train from New Delhi. It looks like a walled city and the only entrance to it was once a drawbridge ( now you have a proper bridge and the moat is dry with no crocodiles ). It was surrounded by a moat to prevent enemies from entering/attacking. Luckily I was not born during that era and I could visit it as a tourist. This Agra Fort has a very interesting story behind it so make sure you read lots about it before going! The entrance tickets cost Rs250 (save Rs50 if you buy it with the Taj Mahal's ticket ).

Nothing can beat this magnificent walls. Sometimes buildings like this make me wondered how people ages ago built the buildings without the help of modern technologies not to mention that Agra Fort is about half a century old. Even architects these days have problems handling and designing a smaller version of this.

The view from the top. The dry moat.

We had a very interesting experience there. This old man kept pestering us to have him as our tour guide ( many of them there ) and the starting price was Rs500 and we managed to get him for Rs100 and we told him we wouldn't give tips. Well, after the tour he asked for tips ( we were going to give him but because he was not nice, we ignored him ). Another lesson learnt for the day.

The walls are so high that no enemies could enter!
One of the buildings inside the fort, mostly made of sandstone.

There are 2 buildings like the one above just opposite each other. One is the winter house which is stayed during winter while the other one is stayed during summer as it's cooler. But how?
Great jobs by the great men of the great time!

This place fascinated me most. There are many rooms, doors, stairs and even hiding places and one might get lost in this building. It's the place for the King to play 'Hide-and -Seek with the wives...

Old time 'heater'. Hot water was pump to a 'container' behind the wall during winter to heat the room up. Clever people!

The ceiling but with most of the gold removed/stolen.

The emperor of India who built Taj Mahal stayed in this room till he died for many years as he was believed to have gone 'mad' thinking of his beloved wife.

A peek of Shah Jahan's room where he spent the rest of his life in. All built with white marbles and semi-precious gems.

The hand-carved wall in white marbles.

Taj Mahal from Shah Jahan's room. He was said to cry himself to sleep most nights missing his wife as the room he's in overlooks Taj Mahal.

Agra Fort from inside.
Side view of Hall of Public Audience.

The front view of the Hall of Public Audience.I had an unexpected visitor, a squirrel wanting food. :)


  1. I surprised. Squirrels don't get so near to humans, even for food. It must be a really hungry one

  2. Omg this is gorgeous! Any problems with safety and hygiene?

  3. Singaporean, the squirrels were everywhere and they were not afraid of humans!
    Saltvinegar, it's quite safe there but hygiene wise is not so good. Have to make serious precaution before going.

  4. amazing.
    where are u going next for a tour?

  5. Medan, Bali, Cambodia, Bandung and Japan next! :)

  6. super wrong! I am single, no family, no commitments and most importantly; I am with Airasia... :)

  7. no family? hmm.
    what are u doing with Airasia? U help them carry cargo? :P

  8. Other than a monthly car installment, a dog and myself to feed, bills, I basically live to travel.. As for Airasia, yes I carry cargo for them :P

  9. wat dog do you have ellis?
    you must be a strong woman. the next time u come to perth, help me shift house ok :)

  10. I have a shih tzu. I can carry my dog well so I suppose I can shift your house for you ... :D


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