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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - Experiencing India Trains

Various Indian Trains

Indian Rail is the most common mode of transport in India with more than 10billion passengers annually. One can go to Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan with it too. At 6am in the morning, the view of Agra Cantt Station as above. Something can be done to solve this problem.

Bhopal Shatabdi is the fastest and most luxury train in India. It can top 150kmp and according an Indian man I met there, it's the best train in India!

This is the train. There are a few classes on this train ( AC Chair Car, AC First Class, Power Cars ).

New Delhi Train Station. It's huge and might take a wee while to find your platform.

All Bhopal Shatabdi travellers are provided with snacks. Above is the picture of our morning tea. See below for surprise!

Breakfast on the train after morning tea! All included in the cheap fare and we got a one litre mineral water by the rail company! What a WAO factor!

On a different train experience I gained , one can order hot 'Lipton' tea for a mere Rs5. What a treat!

This is another train and we bought the class known as sleeper class as one can sit on the chair. They have upper seat and lower one. Good one.

Non AC Chair car, full of fans!

A freaking view from the train. I think it's one of the places where the poors live.

This is the city train but the economics one.

Full of people on the normal class, packed like sardines. We wanted to try but didn't quite fancy the idea of being glued on the skin.

We got ourselves nice first class coach. Look at the difference!

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