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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Incredible India Adventure - India Gate

After travelling around New Delhi for almost the whole day, we decided to go to our last destination - India Gate Delhi.
Upon reaching, we were so surprised to see a man running across a river! After observing for a while, it's not a river!
Makan jagung lor....According to the locals, they taste good but I did not try. Welcome to tell me the taste if any of you guys have tried.
After coming out from the 'LRT', walk straight and will come to a junction like this. Turn left and you'll the India Gate but it's very very far to walk there. Probably a 2 kilometres walk.
Beautiful night view with beautiful lighting .It looks a lot like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is a memorial of 90,000 soldiers who had sacrificed themselves in order to protect their country. Salute!
An India trip must come with a hand drawing using henna. We thought we had struck a bargain because for a mere Rs15, we got a a draw.
We looked happy but sigh, we got what we paid for. For a mere Rs15, we got a Rs15 worth of quality. As a piece of advice, get your henna drawing from a proper spa shop and you will come out a happy person.


  1. Hahaha we are happy for 15 mins only

  2. I know, before the drawing on my hand melted and joined together


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