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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Buy - A - Bride?


When I was googling through the google for woman ( that's not because I am interested in women but to think of my next post ), I came over 'bride buying' . Do you know bride-buying is an illegal trade which is happening everywhere in this world and NOW it's happening in Malaysia! Men are able to search on the website and they even have a 'catalogue' to flip through.

Unfortunately, people describe it as a form of ' Marriage of Convenience'. Men and women believe that they do not need to waste time on going through years of relationship to find it fail whilst some women just do it for the sake of marrying to a 'western man' as they believe they will be provided and may live a luxurious life ( how wrong ).
A marriage is supposed to be the result of a blossomed and successful relationship and it's all about love, feeling and longing.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the advertisements and step to step on how people can purchase these brides by clicking the mouse.
First, you get to choose what physical appearance that you like such as the age, look, height, weight, colour etc.
Second, buy their address and telephone number and you get to get in touch with them or you can even arrange to meet them in person!
Third, just pay with cash or by CREDIT CARDS! Some major agencies accept credit cards! What a joke!
Men are promised that they can even get a refund or an exchange if they are not satisfied with the 'products' or service given. Are you laughing girls?

Those agencies that provide this dating service make us Asian ladies feel so cheap!
And that's one of the reason why some ladies like me are still single. It's cheaper to buy and the qualities are almost assured!


  1. this started long ago in Singapore. guess it is a big deal in M'sia.
    don't complain about being single la... if u lower your expectations i intro a singaporean guy to u ok? my personal friend, qualities assured!

  2. Most of the single bachelors around my age or area whom I know got themselves a pretty bride from overseas...I lose la coz not pretty enough.

  3. You didn't lose because you are not pretty. They chose to get an overseas bride because they think they cannot find an accommodating wife in their country or they don't have the time to trial and error anymore. So since they are getting one, might as well choose a prettier girl than a normal girl right?

    The starting point is not that they want a pretty girl.

    Anyway, I believe getting hitch cannot depend on 'fate' alone. Some people meet their partners by chance but a lot of them have to put in some effort to meet new people. In your case, maybe you have to, because you are out in the working world already so the circle of friends will diminish. The rate of knowing new people will be slower too.

    So what's your requirements? Lemme look around :P

  4. Why don't the flipping countries have buy-A-bridegroom? Sigh~ I should have gone to work for people and expand my circle of friends but I am sort of reluctant to leave my comfort zone...:( Maybe you should really be my agent and find me a man so that I can be the bride into singapore..:P

  5. I dun mean making u a mail-order bride leh. intro guy maybe can and u gotta date and stuff yourself lol.

    how come your friends are not helping by introducing guys to you?

  6. Hahaha, not to worry about introducing guys la. I am not that desperate to find my Mr-right yet. Thank you so much! How old are you Mr Singaporean?


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