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Friday, August 26, 2011

Jong's Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Sarawak


Jong's Crocodile Farm is situated at 29km Kuching/Serian Highway, a 25 minutes leisure drive from Kuching town centre. It is the largest and the only crocodile breeding farm in Malaysia. One is advised to spend half a day at the farm. We can come face to face with some of the South East Asia's most deadly predators, the saltwater and freshwater reptile - crocodiles.

We arrived at this farm's entrance in the morning and it was an enjoyable and relaxing drive. No traffic jam, no honks and everybody was so friendly. It's not very difficult to get there, it's just by the roadside and there are signs telling you where to go but the best option is to have a GPS with you. The entrance to the farm is quite plain and not attractive but it's one of the most fascinating place that I have ever visited.

There are 2 prices for the tickets. RM16 for tourists (even though you are from West Malaysia) and RM10 for Malaysians (their Malaysians are Sarawakian and Sabahans). I wonder why.. Anyway, it's worth it!

There are huge and deep concrete ponds and natural breeding grounds for the crocodiles to mate and multiply. This farm features thousands of crocodiles that range in size from tiny crocs to ferocious attackers/predators. Top is the adult range.
Besides that, the farm is home to a collection of local and exotic wildlife including birds, monkeys, cats, sun bears, deer, lizards and snakes. This sun bear above is licking and look at its long tongue!!!

A mischievous monkey stole an ice-cream from a little boy and savouring the ice-cream itself! How cute!

A peacock garden is also one of the main attractions there. We can get close to the wild birds in the aviary too. A heaven for birds' lover.

Otters are cute but these otters in this farm are super duper noisy. They are just like babies asking for food and snacks.. We have to give them something to eat to keep them quiet! This one above is stretching its hand out asking for something to eat.

Wild boars are very rare in zoo but we can spot a few in this Crocs farm aka zoo.. Strong animals..

This is an Araipama Pond. Araipama is a giant freshwater fish from South Amarica. It is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, reportedly with a maximum length in excess of 16 ft. and weight up to 200kg. After looking at all the animals, we can sit under the shading, watching the Giant Fish swim randomly, large plantation of lotus will bring you completely relaxation. What a beautiful acre of pond!

Within this farm and zoo lies a piece of naturally reserved rainforest where visitors can have the enchanting experience of walking freely along a high legged timber made walk path. At the bottom of these walk paths are lots of giant crocs but do not worry, they are incapable in reaching us. Good safety rules and precautions. Thumbs up!

This is ‘Bujang Sudin’. It is a giant crocodile from Sri Aman, Sarawak. He has been captured by a group of villagers after attacking their cows and poultry several times. It is approximately 18ft in length and 80 years in age and is kept in an individual pond. What a snob!

This was captured while walking on the walk path in the jungle reserve forest. This particular croc has a bent nose..and it's white in colour.

On the way out from the museum, we must go to visit the museum. It has all the history about some of the crocodiles captured and sent to this farm. Some are man-eaters.

The process of eggs hatching.

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