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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heineken Experience , Amsterdam

Heineken Brewery Experience

Heineken Experience is a fun and good place to go when you are in Amsterdam. It's not too far from the city centre and it's easily accessible by a train (or metro). Board the (metro or train) right in front of the Dam Square and head to Stadhouderskade. Arriving in just 3minutes. It's not the factory which produces the Heineken we all drink but it is a brewery producing the Heineken for visitors who visit. Current ticket price is 16Euro at the entrance or you can purchase online and save 1 Euro.

After purchasing the entrance tickets as usual, we were greeted by a's so realistic that you wouldn't realise that he was not a real man. After a brief introduction and a bit of Heineken's history, you can take a walk around the brewery.

Basically, Heineken beer is made from 4 simply ingredients : water, malted barley (sweet), yeast and hobs.Beautiful and sounds healthy but does that means we can drink a lot without being unhealthy? That depends on how you look at it.

This is the most important part of all and everyone was waiting a long time just for this moment. 2 complimentary glass of freshly brewed Heineken beer. One can choose to have carbonated drinks instead of beer. Trust me, the freshly brewed beer tasted so goooood and there's a difference between the bottled beer one bought from the off license.

Later on, you can test your beer pouring skill, mine was excellent!

The Heineken band
The beautiful beer! Cheers!

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