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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Serikin - Indonesian Border Market, Sarawak

Serikin is a small village at the border between Sarawak and Indonesia. It's about an hour and 10 minutes leisure drive from Kuching town centre. One does not need a passport to pass through the immigration as it's not yet in Indonesia. If you go from Kuching, go to visit Wind Cave and Fairy Cave before going to this market.

We have to cross a bridge before reaching the market..

During the weekends traders from across the border and nearby areas come to offer their wares and produce. They hawk authentic Indonesia sarongs, household items and food ranging from farm produce such as vegetables and fruits to seafood and meats. Along the way are also makeshift roadside markets selling anything from antiques to wild ornamental plants, exotic orchids to equally exotic fruits, local kueh to all types of pulut and fragrant locally grown rice sometimes recently harvested. Most importantly, the famous pepper of Sarawak!
Taking a memorable pic with the local.. There are many people selling homemade medicine, ointment etc. Bags are cheap but only if you know how to bargain!

I love these clocks very much but they are just too big to fit in my luggage to bring back. They are all handmade and you won't find anything like this back in your own world.

Tapioca worms, eat them raw and they will provide you with all the energy you needed for the day of hard work. But I don't need them. According to the locals, they are juicy and delicious.

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