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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kuta Beach - Bali

 Before I went to Bali, I had always heard people saying how beautiful Kuta Beach was... and that one must go for a stroll there and to see the sunset! Apparently, beach resort is one of the main tourist attractions in Indonesia so despite the tiredness from the previous sightseeing, we came to the well known KUTA BEACH! One will not miss this place as it is a long spread sandy beach which extends beyond the airport into Jimbaran.
I think this is the main entrance of Kuta Beach. As you can see, there is a wall along built up to fence off the beach so one might have to walk a long way to get to the beach if you accidentally miss this one.
This is what welcoming you once you are at the beach! Loads of people selling shades, scarfs, tattoos and etc. I got a scarf for INR15000 and I believe the price could go lower. 
What can one do at Kuta Beach? Go board surfing as it is a famous sport there but beware of the big waves.
Sunbathing is another thing that you can do there. Asians don't like sunbathing as they love to be fair. I caught the sun by standing there for 2 hours. Those who love their skin, remember to slap loads of sunblock!
Beautiful wave!
I had always wondered why there are so many people saying that the sand there is beautiful and fine. Now, take a look at the pic I took. I have never seen such a beautiful concoction of sand before. 

Remember, swimming is prohibited in this area. 
Tips :
1)  Apply loads of sunblock before leaving the hotel.
2)  Bring a hat along.
3)  Remember to get the price down to 75% if you decide to buy any of the stuff at the beach.
4)  Do not wear trainers to walk around the beach.

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