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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Love is Hard

Love can happen around us at anytime and anywhere without at first informing us. It can strike us whenever it likes. I used to believe in love and that I could live happily ever after with my prince charming but no.. my dreams were crushed and my heart was broken to pieces. Deep down inside me I silently wish that he would come back to me apologising for being 'young & foolish' and that he would make up for all the silly things he had done. Dream is a dream and it is not going to happen with the hard work of one person. 2 person is needed to make love happens.

 I am writing this because one of my very close friend has just broken up with her boyfriend of 'XX' years and this has made me a bit emotional thinking of my own failure in my relationship. What has gone wrong with this world and all its inhabitants? Are people thinking rationally now before they make a decision to end their relationship? I have to put up a brave face and also a smiley face telling the world that I have moved on.. frankly, it's hard but not impossible. I have challenged all the impossibilities of me not being 'able' to live without you and now I am living better, seeing more and enjoying myself more. However there is always a small corner in my heart for the memories we have had.

To my friend, do not be sad and please move on although it can be hard but it can be done! I will be there to support you. Do not take it as betrayal or have hatred but as lesson learnt!


  1. to both of my friends, stay strong! there are still people around you who love u ! AND yes I love u!

  2. Thanks darling...Your love is much needed at the moment.. :D


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