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Thursday, June 13, 2013

YOUNIQ Hotel Experience

 This is the first time I am writing about a hotel which I had stayed in. I had to drop my partner off to the airport early in the morning so we both think it's wise to just stay at a hotel near the airport (KLIA). At the very last minute, we booked this hotel YOUNIQ HOTEL from There were a few choices so we chose the more luxury one for an extra RM20 for a window. My partner thought it was a change/cool to stay in a colourful  hotel while I was not so impressed as the colour looks rather strange. But after awhile, I sort of got used to the colour and started to like it but not love it.
 Upom entering the lobby, we were served by a lady at the counter whom was not very friendly, didn't smile like she couldn't care less.
            This is the corridor to our room on the second floor (R207). What do you think about it?
 There is a few jelly bean 'sofas' to sit and have a chat near the lift but I don't think it's a good idea as it may disturb the occupants whose rooms are right there.
 This is how the room looks like. We were quite impressed by the size of the room but after trying out the bed, it's not a good bed. Springy bed makes my body ache and I didn't sleep well.
                                                The bathroom is in good condition and clean.
                                                    The power shower is a plus to this hotel.

 What do I think of this hotel (HONEST REVIEW):
1)  The colour is a bit strange but the location makes it worthwhile as it's only about 15 minutes to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).
2)  The bed is not that comfortable but I guess this is what you get for the sort of money you pay.
3) We got the room with window and it wasn't a good choice as the room faces the main road to KLIA. The non-stop traffic and the noises made by the vehicles made it a nightmare to sleep in. It's also definitely not sound proof too. I constantly awakened by the opening and closing doors of the rooms with footsteps of walking guests and we could hear the showers from both sides of the rooms. 
4)  My partner slept through most of the noises and only awakened by a car which was speeding so maybe it's not so suitable for light sleepers like me.


  1. Looked like those boutique "hotel" where people only check in to kill off the few hours before their flight! Haha but it is so near KLIA, so still a good choice!

    1. Exactly, but we wanted to have a good sleep before our long journey!


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