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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hutasiallagan Ambarita ( Stone Chair ) - Samosir, Lake Toba

Hutasiallagan Ambarita is one of the must go places in Lake Toba. It has a great story behind this 'village'. One has to enter via this narrow path.

The houses above is the Batak house. The Batak is the most found race in Samosir Island and they were known to outsiders as the race of cannibals though now they don't eat people anymore. 

                                             The Bataks used this to cook their food.

                                                 Front view of the Batak house.

The Stone Chairs - This was where the King and his people had meetings.

The prison.
                According to this man , also a Batak, criminals had to face mandatory sentence if       found guilty. The 'bomoh' then had to cast a spell using the booklet above before beheading the criminal. The internal organs were then marinated with lime and herbs before eaten by the King.
The beheading stone.
    This is the stone where the criminals had their body cut. It was a bit eerie standing there listening to the story. But it was interesting.


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