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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cloth Weaving - Lake Toba

Ulos or local woven cloth is very famous in this island. It is the traditional cloth of the Batak people and is normally worn draped over the shoulder in ceremonies. But due to the inventions of  cloth weaving machineries, hand weaving 'ulos' is no longer in high demands as they may take up to 1 month to finish a single piece of it and the cloth produced with machines costs only a fraction of its price..Quality is of course not compatible with the handmade ones..  

 Bit by bit...
 I wanted to buy but unfortunately, I didn't have enough money with me..

The completed Ulos.. Beautiful!
On the way from visiting the Ulos weaving, we saw a lot of these trees.. have a guess..

Coffee beans! Delicious!

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