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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Berastagi Volcano & Mount Sibayak

 I went to Medan and Lake Toba for my New Year with a few friends. In the journey, we visited the famous Berastagi town which is located near two semi-active volcanoes n( Mt Sibayak & Berastagi ). We were quite hardworking.. woke up at 4.30am to prepare ourselves 'climbing & trekking'. It was very cold up the mountain so be sure to bring along a light jacket to keep yourself warm if you are going there.
 Landslides happens all the time so we were no surprise to see it at all. The only downfall was we had to walk through the ruins to get to the top.
 Nice morning sun rising from behind us. We needed it as it was so cold.

 I have forgotten how much time exactly it took us to get this place.. i think it must be around 35 minutes. I believe the picture below must be something which was spitted out by the volcano years ago though I don't think it's lava.
 Worth to get up at the wee hours in the morning for this.
 Last but not least... the semi-active volcano which is still giving out smoke..

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