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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Normal , the Not so Normal and the Mad One!

There are many types of people around this world, some are normal, not so normal and mad.

Definition of a normal person :
from any mental disorder; sane - acts rationally with a NORMAL brain.
No negative thoughts and usually a happy person.

Definition of a not so normal person :
Acts a bit strange with slight disturb in the brain - acts a little strange but sometimes rational.
Sometimes a negative thinker but often ends the day happily.

Definition of a mad person :
A person with an extremely strange behaviour or insane in short - may lead to schizophrenia.
A person with severe depression - need professional care.
A LONELY person - need to stop harassing people and stop self - obsessive , thinking high of himself.

I was very unlucky 'suai' as I knew of a mad, lonely man who thinks highly of himself. He thinks that my life supposed to evolve around him and I wouldn't have a good life if I didn't involve him in my life. For god's sake, I spent only A FEW days showing him around Malaysia and had ONE dinner with my family. We Malaysians show our friendliness this way but he took it the wrong way round and that I should give my all and surrender to him. Sometimes I laugh at his childish and stupid behaviour, he would delete or block me from his phone or other means of contacts when I corrected him from mistakes( I don't mind a bit and best if he stops contacting me ). Thank you very much!

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