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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Friends or Enemy?

Relationships are just like buildings, demolished and then reconstructed / rebuilt. One relationship can fail for many reasons. Sometimes caused by misunderstandings and sometimes by unresolvable conflicts explode between people. But mostly by cheating or deceit. For these and many other reasons, friendships, business partnerships, marriages, and family relationships break apart.

When a significant relationship fails, a part of us dies with it - the heart breaks into pieces and we then start to grieve.

I have an encounter which cost me a more than 20 year friendship for a mere RM2k. I always treasure my relationship be it a friendship or close relationship with the love ones. This particular friend of mine borrowed this sum from me in 2005 and I had never asked for it back because I trusted in her. One day, after a few years , I asked but was rejected and from then on she never wanted to have anything to do with me - not to mention the $$ she owes. Till now, heard nothing from her. We were inseparable, wherever I was, she would be there and vice versa but for a small amount of those smelly notes, everything has changed, she lost me for good.

I am not grieving for what we can still earn but I am grieving for a friendship which was built up with a lot of effort and no amount of money can ever buy my trust back.

So are you an enemy or a friend? To say hello or to turn away when I see you?


  1. Awww my parents always say you're lucky if u have one or two good friends. You can't trust many people besides family.

    1. I know but nowadays even family member cannot be trusted. It's a shame it ended this way.

  2. so are u lucky or am i the one ?

    1. I guess I am lucky to know who she really is and also to have a good friend like you :D


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