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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sky Diving in Canterbury NZ

I got a surprised birthday present - A Sky Diving Experience in Canterbury NZ with a photographer.

That's me pretending to enjoy and like the flight up the 12000ft.

It's time for the fall...I was shaking and already shouting!

I couldn't remember anything from the time I left the plane to this point.

I enjoyed this part instructor who is at my back ( a Slovakian ) was great!

The experience of once in a life time! A must do in your wish list but it's definitely not a second time for me. Later I overheard a pilot saying: Next load of meatbombs please!
That's nice?!


  1. This is mad, totally mad..!!! I wish to mad things like this in life, but I guess am too old !!

    Haha meatbombs!!! LOLsss

  2. Yes..I still can't believe that I have actually done it!! That meatbombs was hilarious!


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