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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exploring the Sky on a Stearman~


This is a small airport known as Mid-Canterbury Aero Club in Ashburton, Mid-Canterbury, South Island of New Zealand. This airport was where HRH ( the Queen ) landed during her first royal visit to NZ many years ago. There are many passionate pilots who have their own planes in their very own hangers. Some self built their microlights. It was an eyeful looking at those beautiful planes.

This particular plane was one of the attractions in this airport other than a Museum in it. It was an honour to be able to sit on this beautiful Stearman. I was sitting at the front seat while the handsome pilot was at the back seat. I don't know how it is operated from the back seat. It is one of a few which is still in operation. This beautiful baby was born in 1945 and is known as Boeing Stearman PT-18.

On its way for a fly away...sweet!

High up at 2000 feet! As it is an open cockpit plane with the cold weather, it was freezing... but the scenery was spectacular!

Look at this, now you know what I mean.

Beautiful views and along the beach...

Beautiful sunset and I felt like I was acting in Pearl Harbour romantic!


  1. That's an amazingly good experience, hope that one day I will be able to ride on that plan as well.


  2. Thanks Wilson, I am sure you will be able to ride on Stearman one day. I love your photographs so much!


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