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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I received a poem from a very charming man :)
It is very sweet of you to have written this ...
Thank you Mr Anonymous for this lovely poem...

" Honest, you asked me to be honest, and then you just tell me good morning,
making me happy the whole day, and you tell me to go slow"

"Honest, you asked me to be honest, and I told you I wished I was part of your of your life
since the moment I saw you for the very first time...
and you told me not to rush"

"Honest, you asked me to be honest, and I said your smile accelerated my heart in the chest
to a beat that made me shake...
and you told me it was too early for that"

"Honest, you asked me to be honest, and I told you, I was captive of your eyes,
and every time you looked , I wanted to be in every sight...
but I know I am too far"

"I want to be honest and tell you since the very first second I met you, all my senses
got tattooed with your presence,
and I know, the time to say that hasn't yet arrived"

"I will be honest and tell you, I LOVE YOU, and I don't care if it's
not the right time"


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