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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Haeundae Market @ Night


 It was already quite late at night when we arrived at Haeundae Beach. All of us felt very hungry already so we went food hunting. We didn't know what to expect and just walked about and came to this Haeundae Market. It's called a market and sort of wet market too but we didn't expect a wet market to open till late night like this. It's worth a look!

                    It's a small street with stalls selling all sorts like greens, fruits, meat, clothes and etc.
                   Korean Street Food fried vegetables, meat, rice cakes and so on in batter
  I realised that Korean like to eat eels. There are tanks and tanks of eels outside the small restaurants in the market. I don't like the way the kill the eels.
                             This is the sort of seafood you find outside the restaurant!

 We ended up ordering seafood hotpot which cost KRW40,000.

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