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Monday, July 2, 2012

Review : Pore Refining MDS-C Therapy by CELLNIQUEReview : Pore Refining MDS-C Therapy by CELLNIQUE

I always like being pampered and I was so happy to be  contacted by CELLNIQUE to do a review for their facial treatment.  At first , I was a bit worried af having to travel all the way to KL for the facial but was surprised to find out that quite a number of beauty centres have CELLNIQUE products. I quickly jumped at the offer and chose to go to Kluang  Musou Beauty Centre for it. This beauty centre is conveniently situated in the city centre and easy to find too. I was greeted warmly by the beauticians and the room environment was very relaxing with soothing music too.

CELLNIQUE paramedical products.
Lynn was my beautician and I was asked a few questions before the pampering session started. She had been very careful with my oily skin condition. So let me tell you more about CELLNIQUE  paramedical beforehand. It is driven by a passion to pursue  flawless and perfect solution,  not only with regard to  provide the most professional and  result-driven skin care products but also aim to set new benchmarks in skincare salon industry, and promote a vibrant, confident and healthy lifestyle for both our channel partners and users. Founded in 1997 by Chew Wai Ming, Cellnique Paramedical emerges to revolutionize the skincare industry.

My review facial treament was  using Pore Refining MDS-C Therapy to minimize dilated pores and rebuild damaged collagen on my skin.
It supposingly is an indispensable large pore refining regime using 12% MDS-C Complex,
may reinforce skin elasticity & rebuild damaged collagen to tighten the pores,
provide immediate and lasting soothing, tightening and lifting effects and can also stimulate cell renewal for a fairer & smoother texture.

After cleansing my face and applied seaweed gel,collagen activator was smoothened on my face. It was then left for ten minutes.
During that ten minutes, Lynn massaged my shoulder using an aromatic oil. It was really relaxing and I was actually enjoying the massage that I nearly fall asleep. Extraction followed. After the extraction, Lynn applied a soothing lotion onto my face as toner. A repair mask followed. Later as ampur, I had Vit C concentrate being 'ultrasounded' into my face....I felt fresh instantly. It wasn't painful so not to worry. I especially love the soothing mask which was very 'cold'. To finish off with the treatment, I had repair emulsion and also SPF 30 sunblock applied.

Can you see a lot of red dots on the top picture? It is because my oil glands were very active and produced a lot of oil (that's why I have oily skin condition). After the treatment, the red dots had disappeared a lot. My face looks a lot fairer too and smooth as silk. Thanks CELLNIQUE

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