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Friday, April 13, 2012

Poisonous fruit

Star fruit is a type of popular tropical fruit which is likened by many. It has the shape of a star and many are fascinated by its shape. I used to love them till I was told that it can ruin our health.

My late father who had kidney failure was not allowed to take star fruit , not even a bite. According to our family doctor, star fruit contains a neurotoxin which is not present in other types of fruits and may damage our brain and nerves. For a healthy person, this Toxin will be filtered out through kidneys but how sure are you that your kidneys are totally healthy? For those with kidney problems, the toxin cannot be safely removed from your body thus remains in the body. For just as little as 100ml of this juice, it can kill a kidney failure person if not noticed early. Some time ago, a 66year old lady fell into coma after drinking a little star fruit juice.

I have stopped taking star fruit for more than ten years and I do not have the intention of eating any in the future. Please avoid... And don't take any chances even if you think you are healthy because it may cut down your vitality if you are unlucky. There are so many other types of delicious fruits out there so cutting star fruit out from our diet won't harm us right?

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