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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am so Sorry for Her

On 4/04/2012, came back from a tiring trip from Cambodia. Had nice lunch at Lot10 with my two pretty friends and a good walk in Pavillion. After that I had to travel for another 3 hours to get back home so I went to the bus station at TBS. It was already 7.45pm when I got there so I didn't expect I would get a bus to get home on time. Yup, I was correct and I got a 9pm bus but I was not allowed to go to the platform before 8.30 so I stayed in the lounge , waiting.

There she was, sitting beside me; an old woman. We started talking to kill the time. She was from Muar but had been babysitting her 2 grandchildren for the last 5 years. She had to travel back to Muar to go for her fortnightly body check ups. Out of curiosity, I asked the reason she didn't have her check up in kl which would have saved her 4hours of traveling time back and forth , she simply answered me : My daughter is busy..

I found out later that her daughter took the day off to look after her children so that her mother could go back to Muar for her check ups ( it didn't make any senses for me ). She got paid only RM500 for taking care of her grandchildren and had to pay for her own traveling expenses! What more to say when she had been waiting since 6pm and when it was time for me to get onto my bus, she was still waiting. She tried ringing her but was told that she was having dinner with her husband and children and told her to wait patiently. SIGH... What a world are we living in.

I felt so sorry for her but there was nothing I could do to help other than cursing her daughter silently, this fragile old lady was still all smiling when she talked about her ungrateful daughter.

With this, I pledge everyone who still has their parents to take good care of them. Don't let them cry silently.

It's heartbreaking, trust me.


  1. OMG!! Why are people taking their parents for granted like that? Hmmm.. too much pampering is bad for the child.. this is indeed heartbreaking..

    1. I think she pampers her daughter too much. That's why she didn't care for her feeling

  2. :(((( why, i dont understand. this is her beloved mother .

    1. I too don't understand and I seriously think her daughter should reflect on her own action.


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