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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautiful Lake Toba

Below are some of the beautiful SUPERVOLCANO's photographs. I love the scenery and views which made me felt relaxed. Beautiful blue sky everywhere and the cool breeze swept me off my feet. A must visit island if you are flying into Medan in North Sumatera. Friendly people around but be prepared of the traffic as it can be quite heavy.

I felt like I was in NZ backpacking because the surrounding looks much alike to the Kiwi country.

Before I went to this island, I was hesitating because I kn
ow for a fact that it was formed when a supervolcano erupted that had changed the climate for a long time. So this lake is now 100km long and 30km wide (now you know how big is the crater).

But after I reached there, everything about the volcano, the scary thoughts vanished. I would have regretted if I had decided not to go. Price worth paying and journey & long distance worth travelled.


The inland view. Not bad too right?

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