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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sasa Ladies' Day

SASA Fashion on The Turf Day

On the 27th November 2011, me and a few other fellow bloggers attended the Ladies' Day organised by Sasa. It was a great outing for us ladies!
We got introduced to the new range of BB creams with SPF 50. Cool.
Methode SWISS Miracle Serum by Sasa
Various Caudalie's products.
Sasa also had a Beauty Package which a person paid RM50 and got a makeover, a professional photoshoot, an express manicure session and also a RM30 cash voucher. That was worth to pay RM50.
Thanks to Sasa for giving me a complimentary makeover.
There was also a fashion show and models wearing nice head ornaments and beautiful clothes.
Sasa was kind enough to present 5 presents to 5 best dressed ladies.
The lucky 5 winners
To end this eventful day, we all bought a ticket betting on the horse with the RM10 voucher sponsored by Sasa.
Guess what!! Jess's horse ran second and she won herself RM15 but the horse I bet on was first but I won only RM10. Why? I still can't work it out... Strange (scratching my head )


  1. If you check the winning odds of both horses, you'll figure it out immediately.

  2. I remember they said odds or something like that but I still don't know..I paid RM10 and got back RM10. Thought I should get my RM10 + RM10 I won... ???

  3. Haha.. If the 1st horse was memang expected to win (99%), then the return would be low. Maybe the horse Jess picked had only a probability of 50% of winning hence she got more. Chances of it winning are lower but the prize is bigger! Not sure how the odds thing works since I don't bet but it's something like that xD


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