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Saturday, April 11, 2015

How are you , ROTTIE?

 Rottie , is a very friendly rottweiler. Everything started in the year 2012 August. I saw the 'dog-catcher' catching dogs in the neighbourhood and one of the girls was upset and pleaded with me to save the dogs. I told her, I couldnt do much and left. However, she managed to persuade me to do something towards them. Hence, we went to the place where they kept the dogs to be euthanized. We saw like over 30 dogs there and they were of all breeds. I couldn't bear to see them dying so I tried to approach the council to let me at least take a few dogs home. However, they wanted to fine me (which was not my fault). Let's not get into too much information as everything was settled with the help of 'Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better'

When I was there, one particular dog caught my attention. It was wagging its tail profusely in the cage while following me everywhere ( I mean it's eyesight ). It looked very friendly and as if it was asking me to help him. I fell in love with him immediately. He was in a terrible state and I looked at him and said I will save him.

                    This is how he looked like and he was bleeding with wounds all over its body.

 The wound is pretty fresh and deep. I saw a lot pus oozing out. He even had a collar around its neck. Obviously, he had an owner who probably kicked him out because they didn't want to cure Rottie which is A VERY COMMON HAPPENING IN MALAYSIA. Malaysians have a very bad habit with dogs. They often buy puppies and 'play' with them for a SHORT period of time and then 'THROW' them away once they are bored with them or they acquired diseases like ROTTIE.

I went to find a vet who is a very caring Muslim Woman from Glory Veterinary Clinic Segamat. She was ever willing to help me with treating Rottie and gave a great discount on the medical bills and we drove about an hour to the destination to pick up Rottie in her truck. After months of treating , Rottie regained his health as below.

 I was going to keep him as I thought it was a grown up 'Mongrel'. However, the vet told me it was a puppy rottweiler and was only 6 months old weighing 17kg as you can see above. I couldn't keep it as we stayed in a terraced house. In a sad and heavy heart, I had to put it up for adoption. Yes, I gave it away and as an anonymous owner. I miss him even though we only had a brief encounter.

 I got this picture of him from a friend recently who gave him to his friend for adoption. This person remained as a secret adopter. I don't know him and probably doesn't know me either. Rottie must be around 3 1/2 years old now. He looks so much grown up and also looks like the owner is giving him a much care too. He looks happy, doesnt he?

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