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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Masjid Raya Medan

An attraction in Medan which is worth a look - Masjid Raya also known as The Great Mosque.
This is supposingly the largest mosque in Medan but I can't confirm how true is it. I have never seen a mosque with black dome so I was very curious of the history. Apparently, this mosque has a history of more than a century.
 My girlfriends Sharon, myself. Wendy and Jess
Although this mosque looks quite big from the outside but it's not that big in the inside, maybe because of the octagonal shape. It's rather quiet and peaceful so do not make any noise. There were some people praying and I am surprised that we were even allowed to enter! 
Useful tips:
1) Remember to wear pants or skirts which are long enough to cover your knees. I was asked to pay INR5000 for renting a 'sarong' but found out later that the 'sarong' supposed to be FOC.
2) Be careful when you are buying the shaved ice from stalls just outside the mosque. I bought a durian flavoured shaved ice but threw it away as the durian was rotten or it tasted like it.

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