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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sea Life Centre in Brighton, UK

On this day,I felt really excited as I was going to the sealife centre in Brighton. The top picture is a victorian building standing arrogantly by Brighton beach. Beautiful white building! But on the way there, I couldn't help but to take a few photographs of the breathtaking buildings and scenery....

HILTON HOTEL showing itself right in front of Brighton beach like always! It is also a victorian building. I just love their design so much!

This is another grand hotel around by the beach. Different era and different design. How adorable.
The world's oldest operating aquarium opened in 1872 - Sea Life Centre Brighton. I was very curious of how the people of 140 years ago operate an aquarium this big??? Well, scroll down to find out more.

This is the entrance of the Sea Life Centre. It is so big and I was surprised to see its grand entrance. It's a must when you are visiting Brighton. I can't remember the price of the entrance but anyway, it's worth it for the price you pay!

Sea cucumber ...I didn't know how a sea cucumber looked like before this.
Stingray, very good camouflage ...You don't want to step on one of this when you are on a beach having fun!
To end my day at Brighton, I took a stroll at the beach and right behind of me is the Brighton Pier. Nice sunset and beautiful scenery!

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